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Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
obama's nominee for defense secretary, chuck hagel. later, "q&a" with author jason brennan. >> our guest on c-span's "newsmakers" is hobby or becerra of california. josh is xavier becerra -- is xavier becerra of california. let me introduce our two reporters. ginger gibson of "politico." and mike lillis of "the hill." >> we are going to look at the fiscal cliff first. this egg, hard-fought battle over spending and cuts. you have plenty of experience in this arena. the fiscal cliff comes along. you get a deal. you voted against it here and you were the only democrat to vote against it. why did you vote against it? >> there were several of us on the democratic side that voted against it. my sense is that if we are going to really move this country forward, we have to start dealing with the big challenges we face -- physically, socially -- now, not do these short-term fixes. a long-term fix would have included something that would have disposed of the so-called fiscal cliff. i believe this short-term deal creates three new fiscal cliff's, which is not the way you want to run -- whether it i
Jan 13, 2013 10:00am EST
so far named to fill some of these post that is have been vacatered extremely talented. chuck hagel as far as i know is isn't minority or female but he is extremely qualified. vietnam veth, a warrior, a patriot, someone who is no nonsense. i think he is a proven leader and can do a great job. you don't have to be minority or a female to be able to serve in this cabinet and do well. i think everyone should have an opportunity and i think the president is going to make sure he gets talented folks from every walk of life. >> ten minutes left. >> to follow up on that based on a lot of chrisism about hagel's nomination obviously in the house you don't have so much of a say but were you surprised and do you think the democrats that have voiced concerns should go ahead and back his nomination in the senate? >> the senate's role is to advise and consent. it's not to complain and filibuster. every one of the president's nominees should go through thorough vetting and hearing and have an up or down vote unless there's something that disqualifies him or her we should give the president's nomin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2